JET-SET BEAUTY | Rich Hippie Kalachakra


AT $725 for half an ounce, Rich Hippie Kalachakra is not in the realm of financial possibility for most. However, this column is called JET-SET BEAUTY... the remit isn't to feature affordable things but jet-set beauty buys and I'm pretty sure this fits that criteria. Many would argue that it's ludicrous to pay so much for something when you could find a pretty good facsimile elsewhere for less. I don't care. If money were no object, I'd have regular baths in this stuff.

Back to the point... The Rich Hippie perfumes are pretty good at not smelling like organic hippies. You won't detect a hint of patchouli here. It's a beautiful warm citrus floral that gets more complex as it warms up on your skin.

The LA-based Rich Hippie ingredients are all natural (being California chic and all), made from organically farmed ingredients (rather rare for sophisticated scents) even using organic wine alcohol. Everything is made in tiny batches and limited edition (even more jet-set).

As expensive as gold but smells better... it's like your own little sliver of rich, famous and socially conscious LA.