Liberty of London beauty hall expanding

Joy of all joys! I tweeted last week how Liberty was expanding the size of their superb beauty hall on the ground floor of their magnificent Tudor location in central London. After the festive season this winter, they're going to re-allocate 400 sq. feet of storage space to all things beauty. There are a couple things I hope happen here:

1. I don't want the ground floor of Liberty to turn into another terrifying gauntlet of beauty counters staffed by sales girls desperate for a commission a la Harvey Nichols. So much of the charm of Liberty's beauty hall comes from the fact that it's not the size of a football stadium. It's smaller... it feels like you've stumbled onto a hidden gem of a shop. It feels cobbled together in a good way; the perfume hall is tucked away behind the skincare and cosmetics with candles across the way, through the paper goods. It's a bazaar of high-end finery that has struck such a rich and wonderful balance, I would weep to see it turned into a slick, glossy tiled, minimalist beauty boutique. We already have plenty of those!

2. They keep rolling out the cool brands... they stock the big names like Shu Uemura and Aveda but they also carry less well-known ones like Olivinia from Napa valley. 

In any event, this is clearly such big news to most, but if you've dedicated so many hours of your life to that pleasing space on Great Marlborough Street, like I have, then you'll be giddy to know there will soon be 400 feet more of floor space to explore.