Like sands through the Hourglass

so are the days of our lives, during which I like to play with makeup. No, seriously. It's not a bad gig. If you can't tell from the lead in, this bit is about, no, not soap operas... Hourglass, the very lovely, very stylish and very effective range of mineral makeup that I've been working my way through the last month.

It's recently made an appearance in the UK on, but has been at Sephora in the States for some time (I'd venture to say at least a year). Fittingly, their LA HQ contacted me with some goodies to use in almost perfect sync with the UK launch and after consistent use, I have only glowing reviews to report back on what I've seen. 


Hourglass is mineral makeup 2.0.

It's high style, slick presentation coupled with the skin-saving powers of mineral makeup. Gone are the pots of loose powder that, I personally, find impossible to use. Bye bye dull colours, bland packaging. The copper compacts, ball-bearing hinges for the swivel mirrors, rich textures, deep pigments and all-around luxury of the range almost belie the wholesome makeup goodness inside. You expect something that looks stunning but leaves you wanting to ignore the ingredient list based on the decadent packaging. I love it... love the juxtaposition of haute packaging with crunchy ingredients.


You know what I love even more? That they work, the products I mean. The Calligraphy eyeliner is the easiest liquid liner pen I have ever touched to my lashline, the Superficial waterproof bronzer has been a contouring epiphany for me. The Extreme Sheen lipglosses have that slick, non-sticky feel and the purple eyeshadow makes my green eyes pop (plus it makes a stunning eyeliner when mixed with a drop or two of water).

The packaging is magnificent, the pigments go on strong and stay, I like that their products aren't all loose mineral pigments in pots like the other mineral brands. 


I didn't get to trial the whole range so can't report reliably on every product, that the Veil primer makes my skin look flaky (that's my dry skin, though, not the primer. Prime + dry skin = scaly).


Visit in the UK and Hourglass Cosmetics in the US