London's Blink Brow Bar reviewed

A dedicated eyebrow plucker since my teens (I do a good arch with no nasty tweezer disasters to speak of), I’m not sure an eyebrow threading will do a whole lot for me. However, I still find myself wondering through the Selfridge's Beauty Hall, hip to hip with the stationery section, towards the busy Blink Brow Bar, favoured by the likes of Harper's Bazaar, where it was voted best for threading in 2008, and Glamour.

Within seconds my threader welcomes me to my chair. From my vantage point, I note the other women being threaded have all brought along big sunglasses to cover up the resulting redness. “Oh, the redness only lasts half an hour to an hour,” my therapist Varsha reassures me. She goes on to tell me that the most popular treatment, aside from eyebrow threading, is lash tinting. And some get their whole face threaded, which makes me wonder about the downy hairs on my checks and chin. Assessing my brows, Varsha is confident I will be happy with the results and asks if I’d be happy for her to start with the top, which I never pluck. “It’ll give a cleaner shape, open your forehead and frame your face much better.” Well I can’t argue with that. My eyes water as she skillfully sets upon my upper brow with her twisted cotton thread.

[Editor's note: For those unfamiliar with the threading technique (quite a common form of hair removal on the subcontinent and the middle east), the therapist takes a long piece of thread, folds it once over itself and twists it. She then runs it over the hairs and moves the twisted bit of the thead up and down with the fingers on the looped end, catching individual hairs with razor-like precision.]

Once she moves underneath my brows I’m on more comfortable territory. Within ten minutes we’re done. My eyebrows swabbed with a soothing toner and moisturiser and I survey the result. Yes, there’s some redness, but that aside I note the pleasing symmetry and sophisticated groomed look I’m now rocking. As I whip out my Linda Farrow sunnies, the Blink girls tell me that some people come in every month, some every other week, depending on hair darkness and re-growth. A week later I haven’t needed to pluck any stray hairs and the strong shape means I’m really noticing my eyebrows every time I look in the mirror. I love the groomed result – for £17 this is money well spent.

Treatments run from £5 to £60.

Blink Brow Bar is located in London, Heathrow Terminal 5, Manchester, Tunbridge Wells and Birmingham in various Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fenwicks, House of Fraser and John Lewis locations. For more details, see their Location page.

 Written by Julia Rebaudo for