Loving this now | My Mom, The Style Icon

If you haven't seen this yet, chances are it will make it onto the periphery of your pop culture radar soon. My Mom, The Style Icon is a  blog that has - faster than a speeding bullet - become the next blog-to-book project, having been commissioned by Chronicle to produce a print edition of all the stylish retro mamas out there for 2011.

The blog is an homage to real-life style icons - mainly, our mums. The pictures tell the story, as do some of the comments. I particularly like her observation "that Women really knew how to accessorize in the '60s. Pins, hats, ribbons. If you wear any one of those items these days you better be prepared for some not-so-gentle ribbing. I think I liked people in the '60s better than us." Too true, lady, too true...

It's a log of inspirational pics. Women living life stylishly everywhere, everyday, without (in large) a staff to do it for them, the help of disposable fashion (a la Primark), endless credit and over-night shipping. 

If you've experienced internal strife about breaking free of the parred-down, frump-tastic modern woman uniform (more prevalent in the US than the UK, bless the British) of North Face fleece (in, of course, your colour of choice as a means to let your personality shine through), boot-cut jeans, running shoes, scruffy ponytail and nary an accessory in site, let this site inspire you to break the shackles of said uniform and live life with a bit of stylish elan.

My Mom, The Style Icon