LUST-HAVE | CHANEL Sublimage Essential Revitalising Concentrate

SINCE WE'RE on the subject of serums this week. we need to tell you about the next big launch. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 8th because CHANEL is launching a new serum (or concentrate) in its Sublimage range (famed for its Planifolia PFA (vanilla planifolia + polyfractioning process)).

And it features yet another new ingredient to the beautyscape - the Golden Flower of the Himalayas aka Golden Champa aka the heal-all flower. You'll see it on CHANEL ingredient labels at Golden Champa PFA (polyfractioning is used again to extract the flower esters and maintain their integrity. I am unable to tell you what polyfractioning is... yet). Apparently the flower can help detoxify and revitalise skin. How? Well, what I've read is that Golden Champa PFA is anti-oxidizing and "induces active cellular revitalization by stimulating the expression of two essential enzymes... DT-Diaphorase and GST". There are all sorts of other scientific-sounding claims about the increase in ATP (energy/food) for cells, reduction in peroxized lipids in DNA, etc., however I would need a scientist to first explain such things to me and, second, verify whether this is true or not in order to tell you, one way or another, in this space today, if Golden Champa can do all those things.

That said, I, for one, will be trying it. And why not (tho I won't be spending this much on all my beauty products)? CHANEL does not disclose the amount of money it spends on research per year (which we take as a sign that it's A LOT), nor do they depend on suppliers for their active ingredients, instead choosing to grow their own. Their extraction processes are highly secretive and, well, if they're that intensive on the R&D side, I'd like to see if the fruit of their collective labor works. Wouldn't you? Plus, the Sublimage range has received rave reviews from consumers since its 2006 launch. 

It is pricey at £290.00 for 30ml, but, I've been using La Mer The Concentrate (not cheap) for ages -- and I LOVE it (love it), so I understand prioritizing my purchases (Dove soap or jojoba oil at cleanser for a snip but an expensive serum if it works, I use it daily and am judicious with applying it).

Needless to say, Xavier Ormancey (Chanel's Director of Active Ingredients) seems to spare no expense, nor leave any rock unturned, in his search for un-paralleled active ingredients for CHANEL skincare.