LUST-HAVE | Dr. Hauschka tube wringer

BECAUSE WHY the bloody hell wouldn't you? Yes, you can also use the edge of a toothbrush or butter knife, but that only seems to work with plastic, glossy toothpaste tubes. For the metal ones that hold very precious cargo (like my tube of Ziana that's worth, in weight, more than gold), I want EVERY SINGLE LAST DROP from it. Throw away 5 drops!? That's like chucking two lattes or a bottle of wine down the drain! I mean... better yet, save yourself the time and sliced finger and just crumple up a tenner and chuck it in the bin...

Or buy this. It's a good value and with the frequency at which you'll (I'll) strap it on a tube, the price per use will be negligible... if only I could say the same for my anti-ageing, anti-spot wunder-cream. 

Get a Dr. Hauschka Tube Wringer. Or check out the plethora of other wringers out there for the penny pincher that lives in all (maybe most) of us.