Lust-have: Keel's Simple Diary

Do you keep a diary? I sure don't (although I suppose this is a diary... of sorts). It would be lovely to do such a thing. How wonderful would it be to look back at any given day and have an exact record of it? It is your life, after all. Wouldn't it be good to remember more than just the superlative (good and bad) moments? Plus, the 'me' culture that pervades should make it super appealing to folks too. A whole book dedicated to moi (even if it is written by one's self)?!

I'm a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks and day planners, which both my husband and I hoard. At any given moment there are at least two dozen in the house. But the new Keel’s Simple Diary™ from Taschen might start to elbow in on the above obsession. Swiss (of course) artist and author of (unsurprisingly, a book series called All About Me) Philipp Keel has designed the Simple Diary to inspire and promote the maintenance of a daily diary (no matter how mundane) with 'illuminating inspirations, queries and illustrations to enable to reader/creator to explore, navigate and document their daily life'.

Whatever. If it gets me to actually open the book and put something down in it every day, then I'm there... (I mourn the sunken cost of all my half-filled notebooks!).  Apparently, with the Simple Diary, the pressure is taken out of putting down your daily thoughts and observations... distill a little meaning from all that white noise in your life and all that. I'm all on board... as soon as my ear stops humming from having it smooshed against a mobile for too long. Oh, and maybe just one more post first and a tweet or two. 

Keel's Simple Diary by Taschen available on