YOU PROBABLY don't need this but you'll certainly lust after it. The double whammy of acne and ageing that I (and over 50% of other women) am facing almost demands I buy Ziana. Almost.

This stuff is almost immoral it's priced so high (several hundred $ a tube). I can't rationalise buying it. When I'm in the states I – of course – have American health insurance, which does not actually do all that much for me (maybe after I pay my $5,000 deductible it does something?), including pay for prescriptions.

So even with the discount card the Dermatologist gave me, I can't buy it (surprise! – my insurance only covers 30g tubes and the offer is only for 60g tubes. Did you really think they'd let me have it for $20 instead of the $187 (that's with my coverage) they're asking?).

Some might grumble that, well, insurance shouldn't pay for cosmetic prescriptions anyway. BUT this stuff is pretty unique in that it's for acne (a REAL medical condition. Wait until you have it and then see who's sniggering) AND helps with fine lines at the same time. The combo of Tretinoin (a Vitamin A derivative (or topical Retinoid)) and Clindamycin Phosphate (anti-bacterial) simultaneously nips acne and ageing in the bud.

One work around? Get an OTC with Clindamycin Phosphate and apply it nightly with some sort of generic (or medical-grade like Skinceuticals) Vitamin A cream/gel (of at least .01% concentration. Ziana is .025%).

In the meantime, I'll be calling the Dermo and get myself a satchel full of samples (take that Medicis).

An un-conventional lust-have but emotions (especially about material things) rarely are (nor are they always rational).