MV Skincare comes to the UK this month

My favourite London beauty boutique Content Beauty/Wellbeing is about to become the first stockist of Australian range MV Skincare. Beauty experts like Bethan Cole and Nichola Joss endorse the brand and I'm keen to try it once I'm back to the real world as it's apparently great for sensitive skin. I have skin that gets inflamed and red at the mere thought of the elements or lesser products.

Founder Sharon McGlinchey has been creating beauty products for 13 years. The MV range features products like pure Jojoba Oil and Rose Facial Mist... the Gentle Cream Cleanser seems to have expert approval. Full ingredient lists are missing, which is a pet peeve. But there is an abbreviated list of what is and is not used in the FAQs so that's where you should start if you want to read up on the contents. The site is pretty information-rich otherwise and I'm wondering if Content will pick up MV Skincare treatments too.


It seems that Australia is exporting its beautywares more and more to the UK and beyond. Furthermore, it seems to be seriously nudging its way into the natural/organic beauty market. Kuush, Invisible Zinc, Grow and now MV Skincare. Well done down under.