On why it should be Halloween every day

Why so much excitement over Halloween? From as far back as I can remember, it's been one of the most thrilling days of the year. That was, in my youth, partially due to the exponential candy consumption that occurs in the three day period around Halloween (when I would hide half the pillow case-full of loot to which I'd been 'treated' at each house (the 'trick' part of the holiday being reserved by the bully boys) in the bushes behind Mr. Larson's house, dutifully handing over the other half to my mom to ration it out at a reasonable rate). The fuss then and now seems to be about dressing up. My favourite costume of all time was the Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume made by my mom, complete with basket, dog (poor Brittany Spaniel played a not entirely convincing Toto) and sequined ruby slippers (I wish I still had them). I got to wear pigtails, an aproned dress and sequined kitten heels! The joy! None of the above featured in my regular life and it was only on the rare occasion much afterwards that I (regrettably) decided pigtails were okay to sport. 

23 years later and that same buzz is still in the air the week before Halloween and I wonder why it's just one day a year that we let ourselves out of our day-to-day social straight jackets? A while back I wrote about the over-the-top nature of runway looks: Purple lips, gauze-covered faces, no eyebrows et al. These to me should forever more remain on the catwalk as exaggerated caricatures of the creative potential that we all possess. Such extreme displays truly don't have a place anywhere but on a plane separate from real life if you want to keep your job. But, why not embody this creative spirit, the one we bring out for Halloween, and dress up our makeup or hair, as it were, more often? I'm not suggesting to be anyone else either than yourself but, boy, does there seem to be an instant confidence boost from, say, wearing a wig or using a lipstick colour you'd never dream of wearing day-to-day yet so easily sport under the aegis of dressing up for Halloween.

On a financial tangent, this sort of embodiment of the alter ego might also be budget friendly as well. Think about it (not to butcher the science behind the psychology of it): We impulse shop not for things we need but things we want. The new and shiny. Women particularly seem to do this with clothes and beauty. Perhaps just wearing lipstick, cinching your sweater dress with a belt or learning to apply liquid liner is all you need, instead of all the new stuff. There are endless possibilities to be had and all can come free (or at a severely reduced price) and can offer the same confidence boost and exhilaration that so many feel after bringing home a shopping haul.

True, you have the excuse that you've done the new makeup, hair or whatever because of Halloween and then don't have to take credit, or, better put, responsibility, for anything that might be poked fun at by that lot of folks who notice (and try to rein in) anything that deviates from the official line. But where's the fun in that. Stray from the path on more nights than just Halloween and that confidence boost, just a one off before, will start to become a permanent fixture in your life. And the makeup possibilities after you give yourself more than one night a year to play are endless!

Half the battle is getting over reticence about standing out or being embarrassed. The other half is ignorance. So many people are scared of 'dressing up' (faces and bodies) in daily life because they don't know how to do it. As with anything, practice makes perfect. NO ONE knows how to apply liquid liner the first time they try. It took me four years to get good at it, but had I not started trying, my skills would still be non-existent and I wouldn't know the transformative power of lined lids vs. my old mascara-only eye (and wonder at why my makeup always looked the same).

How to gain that knowledge? Do it yourself and watch watch watch and watch some more videos online. My favourites are Lauren Luke (Panacea81), the sisters at FashionFace.tv and Kandee. And with that, I leave you to chew on that whilst animatedly slapping it on. Why not transfer that excitement to your daily life too?

Why not start with one of this season's collections? Watch Pixiwoo's tutorial on MAC Style Black Smokey Blue Eyes: