Pondering the accent nail

It's been called Blackberry Bling if worn on the thumbnail or simply an accent nail if on any of the other remaining digits. What is it? The act of painting one of your nails a different colour from the other four on each hand (or foot). Seen on the red carpet and at fashion week this season, it looks like the mainstream has started to accept (or at least absorb) some of the kookier nail trends being dished up over the last year. Now I'm not sure the childhood obsession with painting all your nails a different colour will resurface, but this subdued nail schizophrenia could be the way forward. And why not? You can do it with incredibly different shades/patterns or simply different weights of the same hue for a more minimalist COS-style look.

Some will love it, some will loathe it. At the moment, I fall somewhere in between. For me, coming from a nation where crazy nail art is usually relegated to the fingertips of flamboyant cashiers with 3-inch talons, it's hard to do anything other than bare nails or subdued colours (not least of all because of the maintenance). London's WAH Nails has created a bit of a soft landing into crazy nails, for those of us slowing wading in over the past six months. Inspired, I attempted my first half-moon manicure at home just a couple of weeks ago, habitually trial strange colours (more putties and purples than pinks and reds) and might just be ready to do an accent nail or silver and blue Minx nails. 

My two cents? If you want to try it, don't want to go high contrast but DO want to be a bit left of center, then do this: paint four nails the same colour and then do the accent nail with a pattern, decal or whatever that uses the same colour as is on the other four nails. So, if you're going dark green nails, do the accent nail in Black Watch Tartan. Get it? Kinda different but not LOOK-AT-MY-ONE-RED-NAIL different.

In fact, it's as easy as nipping down to TopShop (you already do daily, you say? Perfect! Half the work's already done). WAH Nails has a pop-up boutique for London Fashion Week at the Oxford Circus TopShop... if you spend more than £80 WAH Nails will give you a free polish change or leopard print mani. Details below: 

What do you think of the trend for off-the-wall nails? Can you do it if you work outside of fashion or beauty? Would you even if you could? Or do you think accent nails simply look like you've forgotten to remove the varnish on a single nail, in all your modern-day, highly distractable glory?

As seen on Style.com and Glamour. Images courtesy of Andreafulerton.com by Xavier Young, WAH Nails and this blog.