Prescriptives shuttering its doors in Jan 2010

Parent company Estee Lauder is reported to be shuttering the doors at Prescriptives (the global wholesaling of products) from January 2010. Products will be on sale in existing markets (US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia) while supplies last. The US website will stay live for some time at so stock up on anything you're going to sorely miss once it's gone... because we're not so sure they're going to pull a jesus and rise again (unless some angelic venture capital firm has bought them? Someone? Anyone?). 

Prescriptives was launched in 1979 and has become pretty famous for its Custom Blend Makeup and Colorprinting (the process to yield that custom-blended makeup). I coveted this label so much it hurt in high school. A friend of higher socio-economic standing than I had it. Damn not having an allowance (and only making $4.25 an hour)! 

I will miss (with all my heart) my Prescriptives LipShine in Bellini Fizz. Yes, I know I'm an educated woman and all that and should be above anticipating sad emotions towards the loss of a beauty product... at least I don't watch Melrose Place.

We will be sad to see another perennial product favourite go the way of the Dodo bird and real boobs.