SPA WATCH | occo london


THIS ONE is a big old head's up for some spa goodness in 2011. occo london launches its home and skincare ranges in London next month, and there's a new London boutique, which I'm well chuffed for (anything to do with moja Hrvatska and I'm all over it). Seven ranges inspired by seven different locations in Croatia (including Motovun, where you should all visit during the local film festival) with local ingredients and 95% (minimum) natural ingredients (yes, I know there's no clear definition of what is/isn't natural in beauty but just an FYI). I. Want. It.

Know what I want more? To hole up in occo spa(s) they're opening in Croatia in 2011. To think I rented an apartment in Dubrovnik for July 2008 (strictly for legal purposes while applying for that pesky work visa (and to hone my language skills)) and wiled away my days on the laptop with the online biz. Two years too early (and too busy). Damn. Just means I'll have to go set up shop in the walled city again sometime soon. 

Watch this space for more info on occo london -- the brand, the products and the spas. I might even share my pics!

occo london