SPA WATCH | Sheswai

CONVERTIBLE? CHECK. Appointment with Sonya Dakar? Check. Visit friends on the set of TV show (oh, heavenly craft service)? Check. Lunch at Le Pan Quotidien on Melrose? Check. Natural manicure in flash color? Also, check. Whenever I visit LA, the strange mix of indie culture, mainstream, kitsch and verdant dash of nature (that simply won't be pushed out by the exacting standards of civil engineers) strikes me anew. Certainly the '72 suburbs in search of a city' that Dorothy Parker describes, LA does have a distinct local flavor and, to my joy, its own little petri dish of a west coast beauty culture that's simply blooming.

Shewai is just that -- SoCal to the core. 3-free nail range and service with groovy nature-inspired graphics and an easy-going attitude. I mean, hey, they'll come to you and manicure/pedicure you at your home/hotel with their capsule collection of varnishes. 

Plus, there are great tips and recipes on the site for DIY beauty products and how to keep your manicure looking pretty. Overall, a definite LA do. Bookmark it for your next trip to LA (you do have a travel wishlist folder in your gmail, right?).