SPA WATCH | Spa Week starts TODAY

UNTIL I became a beauty writer some years ago, I was loathe to pony up my tiny reserve of cash for beauty treatments. No doubt, most of you are the same way. I have plenty of friends who, in their 30s and 40s, have still never had a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage or bikini wax. The lack of those activities in my life would be hard to imagine now, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it! They're fun and they make me look and feel better. For example, I would have been unable to walk two weeks ago after my back went out without that deep tissue massage. My complexion is always radiant after an hour and a half in Hiroko's hands at Spa Merge. My feet don't scare small children after I have a pedicure. Same with my mangled cuticles post-manicure.

Clearly I would survive without such activities in my life. But I would prefer not to as it's so much better with them. So, if you're up for finding out what all this spa stuff is about, why not try it out this week? SpaWeek gives you the chance to try myriad treatments across the US (sorry, Britain; it's not there yet!) for just $50 a pop -- a snip of the non-Spa Week price for many treatments on offer.

How to join in on the fun: 


  1. Go to >
  2. Sign-up >
  3. Search for spas in your area by state >
  4. Find spas/treatments you want to try >
  5. Call and book it >
  6. Pay $50 (AND TIP THE THERAPIST. Discounted treatments doesn't mean you get to opt out of spa etiquette and good manners) and enjoy hours of beauty therapy bliss >


SpaWeek runs from September 13th to 19th and October 11th to 17th. You can also upload the SpaWeek iPhone App and get your spa fix on the go... 

Happy spa-ing!

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