SPONSORED POST | Olay Big British Beauty Poll

IF YOU'RE longing after a skincare serum – the beauty industry's product du jour – but can't stomach the hefty price tag many seem to carry, Olay is offering customers free 7ml samples of the Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum right now. Simply enter your address at this link so they can post it to you. There are 500,000 free samples through October 20th, which sound respectively like a lot and a long time but keep in mnd that Olay is seriously popular, consistently lauded by readers and editors alike. We predict those samples will be gone long before the 20th. So order that sample ASAP.

But that's not the only thing Olay wants to gift you this month. After you request a sample of the Super Serum, simple click on this link to take the Big British Beauty Poll by Olay.

Think Big Beauty doesn't listen to your needs (92% of women said as much in a recent survey*)? Olay doesn't think that makes sense either so they're giving you the chance to tell them what's most important for your skincare instead of the other way around. Olay's created this beauty census of sorts to give you a voice on everything from clinically proven beauty products; to top skincare concerns; to beauty buying habits; right through to discovering the nation’s most iconic beauty of all time.

It's simple: 21 questions, 4 minutes, better future beauty products and the chance to win one of 10 £1,000 prizes.

*Total responses 742 with 685 agreeing = 92%.  Survey conducted on www.supersavvyme.comin May 2010.