SPONSORED POST | Spa Days in London

LONDON IS brilliant, particularly when you step away from the tourist traps. Sure, some Italian school kids might love Madam Tussauds, but there are plenty of other things that make London so great (for those of us over the age of 15 and not carrying Invicta book bags).

Our favourite (not that we're biased or anything)?

The amazing spa culture hiding behind the gritty, urban facade.

Of course, spas vary wildly in the level of service, quality of products, and (this one's hard to overlook), the price one pays for treatments at the till once it's all over.

That part can hurt.

Even the poshest Sloane Ranger can find it difficult to fund their modern-day beauty habits. We know, we know, Tippy et al would be mortified if they knew we revealed their struggle to maintain that monthly standing appointment with the facialist... waxer... masseur... trainer... needle-happy doc and the rest!

But they can save their bargaining skills for the Souk!

Truth be told, it isn't hard to get spa discounts.

To save yourself public humiliation by way of haggling for that hemp oil massage, look into London spas that offer special deals to their clients. They are plentiful, particularly because of the downturn (Recovery? What recovery?).

If you have internet access (um, you’re reading this blog, right?), search online using search term 'London spa deals' and see what sites come up. Wahanda'll be be one of the top results because we regularly list as many spa deals as we can find and/or arrange in London. Plus you can participate in our MobDeals and get up to 80% off treatments all over the UK (not just London).

Spa deals are easy to find if you know where to look -- like (*cough* *cough*) Wahanda!

Happy Spa-ing!

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