TenPilates opens Mayfair outpost

Why does it seem like all the good pilates studios in London are outside of the center... if you have the time to get to Fulham, Notting Hill or Clapham on your lunch break, then you have a job I covet. Because that's not the case for most. Being a big fan of Pilates (have burnt out on jogging after years of doing it and finding that, as I age, it hurts more and more), it was hard for me to rationalise the three-hour block of time needed to complete a 45-minute session. 

If you work in central London, that's no longer the case. TenPilates has staked its claim in Mayfair just this week, located at Matt Roberts studio on Berkeley Street. 

Why TenPilates? Because they offer classes in Dynamic Pilates, an programme that uses custom Reformer beds to develop core strength, improve posture and flexibility and build toned muscles.

David Higgins is a co-founder and the Master Trainer... I'd have to check my facts on this, but I'm pretty sure it's the same David Higgins who was one of the trainers at BeautCamp Pilates several years back. If it is, he's good... really good.

Do studio classes, one-on-one training, pre- and post-natal sessions and rehabiliation for those recovering from back pain or injury.

Prices start at £12.50 for the first class with private personal training sessions starting at £80.

TenPilates Mayfair, 16 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DZ