The one invitation I covet this LFW...

Beauty coverage is easy peasy to come by during the annual fashion weeks... that's not an issue. Everyone from bloggers to editors, stylists and PRs report on the good stuff, taking amazing pics so that those of us working remotely have a JPEG cornucopia to chose from when posting about said FWs afterwards. I thank those lovelies on the front line. With out you, where would our virtual reportage be!?

So, there's only one LFW invitation I was gunning for this year (not that I can make it anyway, but that's besides the point)... I didn't know it would be the only one I truly cared about until after I received it but, there it was and all I could do was endlessly Google all the names listed on it (not something I had done with the others). 

Mile End's 40 Winks (the place to stay in London if you're so avant-garde, so trendy you don't even neeeed to be seen in the lobby of Soho hotel or spilling out of the Groucho. You just want to get away from it all because, darling, the adoring public is just such a menace) has a pop-up shop for LFW this year and they are featuring, among other hyper-cool London designers, Katherine Wardropper. I COVET her fabric and leather creations (did you see the leather wall hanging above? Madness). If there were one designer I could afford and visit during LFW this year, it would be Ms Wardropper.