TRAVEL TALES | Another Kiwi (thought not necessarily beauty) brand

B_E_E LOVED, kind, clean and good? Call me a hippie, but that sounds like fun to me.

Beauty Engineered forEver is another Kiwi beauty brand (sorry for missing you the first time) that lives up to the green credentials and ethos that so many other New Zealand beauty (and otherwise) brands seem to inherently embrace. Made from natural ingrdients that are safe and gentle and meet the most stringent global standards set for eco products. They want to make stuff that's efficient and beautiful and green.

I love this blurb: "B_E_E is from here. Very New Zealand, in ideas, ingredients and inspiration that could only come from our place. Made with the belief that New Zealanders like to make things better.....better than just about anyone else. We're from a part of the world that can change the world. So that`s what we`re going to do."

And they're as quirky as Bliss and Soap & Glory. Like a slightly Method products would be with a couple drinks in 'em, right?

The range includes laundry liquid, laundry powder, delicate fabric wash, multi-surface cleaner, dishwash liquid and whitener.

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