TRAVEL TALES | Best winter beauty traditions

HERE’S OUR short list of favourite winter health and beauty traditions from around the globe to keep you glowing, happy, in shape and energized during the dark months:


5 million and 2 million — those figures are respectively the numbers of humans in Finland and… the number of saunas. 2.5 people per sauna? Sounds like a good time to me. Never more than a stone’s throw away from one a stint in Lappland, are we?

Plus, for the masochists out there, they also like to do a bit of self-flagellation to get you’re circulation going with a bundle of Birch branches. I get all warm inside just thinking about — the sauna, that is.

I’ve also witnessed the Russian (and Baltic) banya (not to be confused with hot springs and baths (banja et al) in various Balkan countries) obsession first hand. A good friend of mine (Russian) has parents who build a sauna every time they move house.

Korea’s Han Jeung Mak are small, super hot huts not entirely unlike Native North American Indian sweat lodges or, indeed, the temezcal of the Mayans.

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