TRAVEL TALES | On holiday

Can you guys where I'm going and what I'm doing through 9th of June? Quick stopover in Amsterdam > Renting a cottage in Finland > Country bliss > Sauna > Helsinki > Buy as much Marimekko as possible > Sleeper train to Moscow > Meet Rouge Bunny Rouge team > Russian wedding > Standing up in the Russian wedding!!! > River boat on the Volga > Too much vodka (and, apparently, congac > St. Petersburg > Sleeper train to Helsinki...

And then the rest of the trip, which is yet another pictorial, taking you, this time, down the eastern seaboard of the US, until we hit the southern-most point in Key West, baby.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

For the next two weeks there's a new blog featured in this space each day. To mix it up, I've picked my non-beauty favourites. 

Image credits here, here, here and here [if I missed you, please let me know!]