TREND MILL | Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique rocks


A LARGE swath of beauty bloggers on the interweb are obsessed with nails. So obsessed that they take daily pics (NOTDs to you) of a different manicure. I wonder how they’ll react to the launch of Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique this month. Because it’s a cracker of a range.

First, Fulerton is always behind the scenes at the hottest fashion shows, works with the top stars and knows what’s going to be a hit trend seasons before it is. She knows what you’re going to want to be wearing on your fingers next fall before it’s even a glimmer in your fashionable eye.

She’s also incorporated some pretty interesting concepts into the range. There’s a stand-alone kiosk that is stocked with double-ended bottles, nail art, glitter, nail tools and all sorts that Andrea has clearly thought long and hard about. In fact, I bet most of the products came about because she wanted them for her own use and couldn’t find them previously, like the credit card-slim buffing block. There are 78 SKUs in all.