TREND MILL | Flower-powered skincare


IF YOU'VE ever felt better after gazing at a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then you’ve experienced the mood altering effects of flower essences. Unlike essential oils or plant tinctures, flower essences have no fragrance or flavor. Instead, these unique substances capture the energetic, emotional and spiritual imprint of flowers. Beauty products infused with essences designed to heal and sooth are growing more popular as flower remedies take on a starring role in makeup, body scrubs, bath teas and more. Check out some of the amazing niche products listed below to try out the power of flowers while you primp, bath and moisturize.

Ella Flor – Scented with Palo Santao essential oil and featuring both flower and gem essences, Ella Flor’s range of bath and cleaning products are a treat for the body, mind and spirit. If you want to put “put a little ohm in your home” this organic, all-natural selection starts you down the right path. The bath tea with rose petals and Palo Santo essential oil is particularly enjoyable. The creamy, foamy hand cleanser with flower essences leaves you feeling uplifted.

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals – Commune with the Aloha spirit with this Hawaiian bath and body range. Flowers used in the essences are hand gathered from the Ohi a-Lehua Rainforest with special care to not damage the environment. This family-owned company makes a lush selection of body care products including a Wild Lehua Honey scrub that helps release emotional tension while moisturising your skin with rich Hawaiian honey at the same time.

Golden Path Alchemy – Awaken, Purify, Refine and Renew are the names of each of Golden Path Alchemy’s skin care lines. Featuring Chinese and Western medicinal herbs, flower and gem essences, this organic California company creates its products in small batches to ensure quality. The Purify facial serum awakens your senses with the astringent smell of rosemary essential oil and purifies your energy with a potent flower and gem essence blend.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – This cosmetic range from Utah features foundation, lipstick, eye colors and body care. Using a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients such as mica and raspberry extract, Lauren Brooke also incorporates flower essences into their Silk Veil powders, which have a smooth texture and provide a light foundation coverage. The powder puff in the container is great for quick and easy application.

Editor's pick of the best mainstream products packing a floral (although not necessarily essence) punch:

  1. MV Organic Rose Hydrating Mist - Spritz on chilled to calm fiery, sensitive skin.
  2. Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk - Gently wash away the day with Mimosa, Jasmine and Narcissus.
  3. Julie Hewett Camellia Lip Balm - Melts away any dry or flaky patches on lips thanks to a healthy dose of oleic acids.
  4. Weleda Calendula Oil - Calendula (or the garden variety marigold) healths wounds and soothes skin. Excellent for the acne prone.
  5. Darphin 8-Flower Nectar - Heavy, decadent jasmine-scented flower essence oil that helps everything from dry skin to wrinkles, crepe-y chest or simply a down mood.
  6. Jurlique Elder Cream - Elder flower has a gentle bleaching effect on the skin giving it greater brightness and luminosity.
  7. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil - Smells like a hippie who's cleaned up and hit it rich. You'll relax instantly.



Written by San Francisco-based health and beauty writer Heather Vuchinich for Check out her blog at Spalicious.