TREND MILL | Lip tattoos

WE'RE ALL about tattoos nowadays, huh? Hand puppet tattoos, nail tattoos, faux necklace tattoos. CHANEL, Minx, etc... So I suppose it wasn't long before we came to lip tattoos, was it? After all, there really aren't many other surfaces on the face you can tat it up in a stylish manner, is there? Lace-patterened cheeks would look a bit meh and eyelids crease too much.

Enter Violent Lips, the first (as far as I'm aware) lip tattoo brand. Within each packet are three appliques and they come in everything from dots to animal print, fishnet, rainbow and glitter.

They're currently offering free shipping and packets of three tattoos cost between $14.95 and $15.95.

We predict Rhianna or Gaga will be in a set of these before too long.

Our favourites? The Red Glitteratti and Pink Snake.

Violent Lips