TREND MILL | Neon inspiration

Just a quick follow up on the neon trend post earlier this week.

We love a bit of fresh, updated neon -  hint of glowing yellow peaking out from under the hem of a jumper, a brilliant pink maxi and flesh-toned tank...

But neon has a murky, dubious past. A past that those of us who lived through it the first time know all too well. It was a time when even the Rolling Stones committed full-body fashion faux pas.

Neon before it was refined for the new century:

80s neon_1.jpg
80s neon_2.jpg
80s neon_3.jpg

That's more '80s in one place than I've seen in decades.

[images found around the internet... too many to deal with but if one is yours and you would like a credit or to have it taken down, just email me!]