TREND MILL | Pantone colour cosmetics

THERE IS a quiet genius about the Pantone colour system that beauty brands have slowly been cottoning onto in the past year. Starting with Fred Farrugia, the concept and trend is for sleek, minimal makeup systems that focus on the colours and products instead of distracting packaging. All are only gently packaged in efficient systems that don't detract from the palette. Paint chip-style sets are compact and Fred Farrugia's, for example, gives you a brilliant palette of full makeup you can take anywhere.

Spanish brand Nailxpress have almost replicated the Pantone paint chip system (one hopes trademark due diligence was involved in the creative process) for their new nail coverings that last up to 40 days. Like Minx but without the brash patterns and packaged just like Pantone paint colours are displayed in a hardware store.

The Die Line recently featured Brazilian designer Renata Veiga's mockups of Pantone makeup, including nail varnish and eyeshadow palettes that are quite pleasing to the eye and would make sense. Think of all the fantastically whimsical colours Pantone could produce in cosmetics... they would certainly end up with some on-trend, highly coveted pieces.

Overall, a brand extension into colour cosmetics would make way more sense for Pantone than some of the other areas they've previously ventured into. Love the simplicity and the focus on the colours. That's what it's all about anyway, isn't it? We can all appreciate packaging that easy on the eyes but it's always what's inside that counts!

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