TREND MILL | Top 5 beauty trends NOT to wear to work

BEAUTY TRENDS can look great when worn the right way. Gray and beige nails look sophisticated. Coral blush can perk up your appearance. But some trends, no matter how gently you tread, are best checked at the office door:

1. Nail art (even though I'm a fan) – In east London and on the Lower East Side, perhaps you can get away with nails covered in diamante or cute renderings of Hello Kitty. But nail art in even its most subtle form is a no-no for any other professional setting. Buffed, clear gloss, basic or muted shades of nail polish are best for those employed in traditional fields or, really, any fields except for fashion, music or magazines.

2. Burgundy lipstick – Under low lights in an osteria with gently mussed hair and minimal makeup on the rest of your face, burgundy lips (like Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry, which is heaven) are downright sexy. It’s a great, bold color that has helped herald in the new era of lipstick after decades of wearing lip gloss. However, your boss will not be pleased if you show up to the boardroom in a killer pant suit, pumps and… burgundy lips. You’ll look more reformed female gang member from 1990s LA than sophisticated business lady. As with your nails, keep lip color at work understated and un-distracting. Nudes, pinks, gentle reds and beiges are all great to give your lips a color boost without looking out of place. 

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