TRIED & TESTED | Delo Water-Boosting Caps

I KNOW everyone's supposed to go mental over the Harrod's Food Hall, but, for me, it's the Selfridges Food Hall that makes me get a little spend-crazy. It's bursting with edible treasures, arranges in walls of vibrant colors and wrapping. Rows of diaphanous merengues abutt beautiful cakes and pastel rounds of chocolate across from exotic coral slabs of sushi-grade salmon. Bottles of viscous, amber Karo syrup rub shoulders with pots of glowing English mustard. In the mix, between Yo Sushi and the bakery you'll find the modern, minimal, bright and tiny boxes housing Delo Water-Boosting Caps.

Inside each is a mix of plant concentrates and extracts. Screw it onto the mouth of your water bottle (French half-litre is what they're made for) and the seal breaks, releasing the extracts into l'eau. Extracts include Ginseng, Acerola, Guarana, Ginger, Galagal, Cardamom, Carrot, Rosehip, Mallow, Hawthorn, Orange Blossom, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Mango, Kiwi, Lychee, Bitter Orange, Walnut and Calamint.

Energy, Sexy, Slim, Sun and De-Stress are the options. I've used and like both the Energy and De-Stress on a regular basis since their launch at the Colette Water Bar in 2007.

If you're looking for the benefits of herbal tea or supplments on the run, this might be the thing for you. Plus, it's hard not to be a sucker for their pretty packaging, like a moth to the fire...

Delo Water-Boosting Caps