TRIED & TESTED | Eyeko mascara

THERE ARE not many pictures of me, period. Perhaps my camera shyness with haunt me later in life, but it's just not for me. However, a recent project required my mug in front of a camera. There were no stylists on hand to do makeup (except for the fabulous Lynne and her impromptu powdering. Thank you!) or wardrobe -- just me, my jet-lag and makeup kit, in which I had my trusty mascara. Some people have seen one of the pics and keep commenting on my lashes so it is high time I do a review of the wunder-mascara that makes them look good (without curling or priming).


Eyeko is a cutesy (in fact the strap line is London's Cutest Beauty), Manga-themed British makeup company. Probably more at home in the makeup bags of teenagers than a grown woman, I have (of course) grown to love it. The Eyeko mascara comes in a silver tube (much like Cargo cosmetics), with a wand of wide and widely spaced bristles and in black. There's a Manga girl on the tube but otherwise, it's pretty discreet.


Your eyelashes will look AMAZING (long, separated, black), it's cheaper than most drugstore varieties nowadays, the formula doesn't flake AND (I mean, can it get any better?!) it's a TUBING FORMULA (whether intended or not) so it slides right off your lashes at night, leaving absolutely no mess. The perfect 10 of mascaras.


Not a single thing. Not one. Even the Manga girl on the tube is fine. In fact, she's a downright good advertisement for the product inside and the results you'll get, unlike most mascara ads where the models/actresses have to wear fake lashes to advertise the product.


8 teeny tiny pounds. 

Buy Eyeko mascara here.