TRIED & TESTED | Yummie Tummie leggings

AT THE launch for Vital Juice Chicago a couple of weeks ago, we guests were given pretty great swag bags. Now, no offence, America, but you do pretty sub-standard swag compared to the UK.

OFTEN times they're simply stuffed with marketing materials and sachets of samples smaller than those on offer at beauty counters. Yes, I understand that we're not entitled to amazing goody bags but you think I'm going to write up something that's actually worth less to me than the effort to carry it home? Nope.

I'VE walked away with bags bursting at the seams in the UK, to go home and promptly trial what's inside, followed by a write up. I think brands are missing a trick in the US, with their lackluster goody bags.

However, Vital Juice clearly gets the game, and so did the brands (mostly) in their goody bags. Because I'm using the things I received and writing about them in various outlets. The Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder, the gift certificate, the Lara Bars, Karyn's lip balm and dark chocolate, Yum Nuts, Lemon Detox tea, Baggu bag (I love you, Baggu).... and a Yummie Tummie gift certificate for $100.

I promptly went online and purchased a pair of Yummie Tummie shaping leggings when I got home and now have to shout from the rooftops about them.

You see, they are a-ma-zing. Truly. 


YUMMIE TUMMIE is a shapewear brand that boasts a more stylish offering than the nuts and bolts brands like Spanx and Her Look. Many items are even (gasp!) outerwear, requiring nothing be worn on top. In fact, I could wear my leggings with one of their shapewear tanks and probably look pretty darn smart.

BEFORE coming across YT, the thought of putting the words stylish and shapewear next to each other sounded about as plausible as Cameron and Clegg did side-by-side, but as you all now know, anything is possible.

SO back to my stylish yet smoothing leggings. How do they work? Are they just super-duper tight? Do they just give me a muffin top of displaced podge? Are they transparent like so many of the cheap leggings that young girls wear (one hopes they don't actually wear them knowing that we can all see their bums and the pattern on their thongs)? Tell me, you implore, finger at the ready on the mouse, poised to get a pair of YT leggings if they really are that good.


SO MUCH. So, so much. First, they come up high enough that there's a tummy-flattening panel (with a waistband at the natural waist) instead of a cheap elastic band at the worst part of the hip-midsection area giving you constant muffin top and making them usable with billowing tunics only. No, these can be worn with tight garments on top too. And they feel better sat at the natural waist. Plus, they don't roll down when you deem to so much as breathe let alone eat, drink, laugh or move.

THOSE of you who were born in 1989 and after, say hello to your first waistband. They become more and more helpful the older you get. Remember that. You'll thank me.

SECOND, the fabric isn't clingy, meaning it won't grab hold of whatever you're wearing for dear life. And believe me, most shapewear is (clingy). Those full-body spanx I have? Well I bought them to go with a stripey bodycon dress. Now, I like my body, but cheap fabric (why is everything so thin and flimsy nowadays? It's as if Aldus Huxley's Brave New World is the reference guide for modern fashion designers) does no one any justice when clingy so I caved and bought a pair. They work great (if not leave me short of breathe) BUT they are constantly grabbing hold of said cheap knit and making it ride up. It's like wearing a velcro suit under your clothing. Not the most relaxing of things to do when wearing a bodycon dress.

No so with Yummie Tummie. The fabric is super smooth and your clothes don't cling to it but sit atop and move naturally.

THIRD, there's no rolling. Those of you on the early shapewear bandwagon will know what I mean. What's the point of wearing a sausage casing if, when you sit down, it rolls up like an errant window shade? It's uncomfortable and unsightly. 

FORTH, there's the secret double layer! Most of you who are willing to shell out the cash for shapewear probably gasp at the thought of adding yet another layer to the two you'll already be wearing (shapewear and clothes) thinking it will make you look bulky (or at least feel bulky). BUT because this stuff doubles as regular clothing, often times, you don't need other clothes, like with their yoga pants, leggings and tank tops.

Furthermore, the fabric is lightweight so instead of feeling bulky, it actually feels lighter than other shapewear. Plus, they hold in my flesh without feeling like a medieval torture device. And I don't have to struggle to, say, pull a pair of leggings over my velcro-esque Spanx or run the risk of having strange bulges where the undergarment stops, because it doesn't. The hidden layer underneath makes this shapewear seamless, something that you think would be the case with other shapewear but, strangely, isn't. 


HONESTLY, THE only thing that might be considered bad is that they are double layer so perhaps could be a touch warm to wear in the summer. That said, the fabric is moisture wicking, so you'll probably stay cooler in these than other things in your wardrobe... I know, it just keeps getting better.


THERE'S NOTHING ugly about them... and there'll be nothing ugly about you wearing them. They're expensive but, hey, no more so than Spanx and you can wear them as regular clothes too.

Plus, I'm so over throwaway fashion. What a waste and it never looks as good. Hello, see-through leggings! That's what you get for 4 squids at Primark.

YUMMIE Tummie leggings are an investment piece (or 5... I shall be stockpiling).


The Yummie Tummie Shaping Legging is $76 with a 32-inch inseam and fabric is a mix of Tricot, Spandex and cotton.

[NB: I'm 5ft 6in and a US size 6 (so, what's that? 10 or 8 UK?) and a small is what I wear in this brand so it runs a little big.]

They're available online and in stores around the world. In the UK, they're available at The Magic Knicker Shop, John Lewis Direct and Figleaves.