U-treatment facial reviewed

Intrepid reporter Julia Rebaudo hits the beauty beat yet again in the name of all that is beautiful and beautifying for CB Beauty Blog. This time, she finds her face in the merciful hands of skin guru Louise in The Wyndham Centre to sample some of London's best in alternative therapies.

"We’ve all been for disappointing facials. You know, the ones where your face is smoothed over with some cream and a facemask and... what’s that?! On your way, then, madam, as you reluctantly part with your hard earned cash. And, of course, then there are the really nice pampering ones that leave you relaxed and glowing, in the wake of which (just a few days later) your skin is back to it usual troublesome self.


Sitting down with Louise of u-treatments.co.uk in alternative therapy clinic, The Wyndham Centre in Hatton Garden, I’m surprised to find myself answering all sorts of questions about my lifestyle and diet – what I eat, what supplements I take, do I smoke, how much sleep I get. Having suffered from acne in her younger years, Louise has devised a very holistic approach to getting skin into its best possible shape; as well as her bespoke treatments sometimes she’ll send clients to a nutritionist as well. Happy that my nutrition is at an acceptable level, Louise explains that the occasional pimples I get on my neck and upper back are due to tired out adrenal glands.

Examining my skin, Louise says that the overall condition and structure is good, but I have a build up of dry cells and oiliness on my forehead, which I’m all too well aware of, having a few annoying pimples around my hairline and an ongoing battle with dry skin. Louise confidently says it’s only a matter of tweaking and we can get my skin performing at its optimum health, no problem. Now I’m excited. She goes on to explain that the products she uses, MD Formulations, worked wonders with her skin. As a range of cosmeceuticals (which you can’t buy over the counter because they contain high levels of active ingredients), some of the products contains glycolic compounds, a naturally occurring substance from sugar canes, which exfoliates but doesn’t strip your skin. It tingles slightly on first application but causes no reactions (and I have extremely reaction-prone skin).

The treatment is thoroughly and deeply enjoyable – facial and shoulder massage with scented oils combined with gentle extraction around my forehead and nose, and a facemask, which my skin just drinks up. Immediately afterwards I examine my skin and there is only one word for it, well, two actually – dewy loveliness. I am thrilled, my skin never looks this good. Louise advises me not to exfoliate for my dry skin patches, but to use Vit A Plus Night Recovery, which contains the glycolic compound, at night before putting on my regular night product (I use a very heavy shea butter balm at night) and for the day suggests I try Moisture Defence SPF 20, as I’ve run out of my own day moisturiser and am looking for a one with an SPF which doesn’t feel heavy. I give them a two-week trial period. The annoying little dry patches are almost completely gone, due to the exfoliating properties of glyconic compounds, using just a pea-sized amount of the moisturiser which really sinks in. It doesn’t feel like a gunky SPF and my skin is hydrated throughout the day. I’m converted. Louise, your wonderful facial and advice has taken my skin to the next level!

90-minute bespoke facial treatment with Louise Thomas-Minns at the Wyndham Centre (£120).


 Written by Julia Rebaudo for www.beautywoome.com.