Un petit blip in posts













... my blasted netbook, the one that dutifully served me around the globe, is refusing to make friends with the wireless network in my friends' house. And there's nary an unsecured network on the whole of Highgate Hill. SO, I will therefore, be snatching minutes of free wifi time around town between meetings this week, meaning that posting will be interrupted and, when done, sporadic throughout the week.

And another thing... why 'no service' on my iPhone AT&T? Is it because I don't want to turn on my data roaming and get charged $20 per MB (that is not an exaggeration).

In any event, advent calendar posts 5 through 12 will be done when they're done and I'll be gathering meat for future posts in the meantime as the week ahead includes: Ellis Faas, Givenchy, CHANEL, Blink, Strip, Content Beauty/Wellbeing spa, a taste of S/S 10 nail trends with Revlon et al.