We've clearly gone on a break...

But weren't willing to admit it until just now.

We'll be back when we feel like it.

Until then, enjoy summer, wherever you are! Here's what we're doing while on this impromptu break:

Dancing by myself (just as our favourite Robyn would have it)... while following Tracy Anderson's moves.

Getting my spray tan on and using a foam paint brush to get my DIY tan on in between.

Wearing a tiny bikini that -- though is not -- looks like a thong on an ass that could double as a bookshelf if need be. 

Wishing I were here

Religiously into this entire range of skincare... but occasionally cheating with this (all part of any religious experience, baby) with this.

Reading this and this and loving the f**k out of this.

Wearing my hair in messy, grunge, Heidi-esque braids.

Listing to my favourite summer song ever.