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UNTIL LAST February I didn't give much thought to my hair. Loads of women care very deeply about their hair and dedicate hours a day styling it. Um, if I brushed, I was putting in an effort. My hair is straight as a rod, fine and I generally just whip it into a French twist. Often times it's faded with roots and scraggily ends. My hair was in such a state when I saw my lifeless mop on flim while doing a couple videos for a project. Wow. Did. It. Look. Bad. In true beauty nerd fashion, I promptly made a maintenance spreadsheet for mein looks. One of the line items? My mane. One of its biggest problems? It had as much life as a dead fish. Less, probably.

So thank good Babyliss launched a set of tools for lifting and adding volume instead of flattening (the majority of other ones!). Your hearts are aflutter just about now, right? Right? Big Hair (£45) is a barrel-brush-wand bit of magic that looks like it could take my fringe from limp to lucious. Root Boost (£30) finally finds an aesthetically pleasing way to use crimps -- micro crimp at the roots for body! GENIUS.  And the Waving Wand (£30) will add a bit of that beachy texture too. Hallelujah. I can rotate heat with backcombing to add volume now.

Because these tools are so amazing, we're giving one away. Which one? The one that's really speaking my language -- the Root Boost. It would, without a doubt, radically change my aversion to doing my lank locks and bet it would do the same for the rest of you suffering from head-hugging hair.


Win a Babyliss Root Boost

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