You say you want a Revolution (Organics)...


When in Tanzania, Mr. BWM and I made friends with 4 Canadians on our mountain ascent. I hate to admit this, but I've never actually been to Canada. I've been around the world, spent time in remote locales like the backwaters of Bosnia, but I've never trekked just a few hours north of where I grew up. However, that's the beauty of such easy trade over international borders nowadays, isn't it?

I know, I know... a tube of lip balm can't exactly convey the serene grandeur of the great white north, but, well it's a start, right? Revolution Organics is giving me my little slice of Canadian heaven right now. The brand was launched by two beauty industry veterans who wanted multi-tasking products "to do more so we could use less". Genius little sticky soundbite, that. It's a brilliant idea and the brand is one of the first I've seen to actual be concerned with beauty consumption. The amount of packaging you have to discard to get to the actual product with some ranges is cringe-worthy. Not so here.


The PR, to my glee, sent over the entire range, which gave me the opportunity to really get a feel for the 5 products (yep, that's right. 5 multi-tasking SKUs in this micro-range, not thousands, not even dozens). They all come in craft tube-style packaging, which is brilliant as I plan on painting each of them and reusing them as lipgloss storage (keeping with the do more-use less theme). No whacky inserts. The 5 products are: Freedom Glow Balm, Freedom Lip Gloss, All-Over Body Balm, All-Over Skin Creme and Lip Balm.

Basically, it's all meant to moisturise. And, yes, it makes sense to have such a focused range come out of Canada. You think it's easy keeping your skin from going all flaky up there!? It gets COLD, so cold there's no moisture in the air (same in Chicago, for that matter... the winter dry-out has already begun).

The All-Over Body Balm and Glow Balm come in those fat lippy tubes... great for applying to large areas of skin. The Lip Balm and Body Balm come in tubes and the gloss comes in a wand. Freedom Glow Balm has intense colour (mine is in Raspberry, a bright fuschia) but the Lip Gloss gives a sheer colour wash with that slick texture I am loving in recent lipgloss launches (so much better than tacky glue lips). The All-Over Skin Creme is a great for face and body. It smells, well, a bit natural (if you know what I mean), but as of yet, I've not found a natural/organic brand that's been able to rid its products of it, so that bit is par for the course. What's not, is just how friggin' moisturising it all is. Seriously. My skin feels downright dewy when I'm done with this stuff and a little goes an incredibly long way.

Revolution is a wonderful supplementary range. It'll replace the myriad tubes and pots of lotions and serums you have. What it can't replace is your cleanser, exfoliator and makeup collection.


That all products (save the gloss) are multi-tasking, they deliver insane amounts of moisture in small doses, very cool packaging, good for you ingredients, USDA certified organic


The creme's 'natural product' smell, it's pricey

[Editor's Note: If you buy just one thing, the All-Over Body Balm (14g/0.5 oz) is the range's best buy at $27.95... You can use it everywhere. Even slice off a sliver and mix in a little eyeshadow or blush to make creme eyeshadow or your own lipgloss/creme blush.]


Freedom Glow Balm (13g/0.46 oz) $33.95

Freedom Lip Gloss (6.5mL/0.21fl.oz) $25.95

All-Over Body Balm (14g/0.5 oz) $27.95

All-Over Skin Creme (60mL/2fl.oz) $32.95

Lip Balm (14g/0.5 oz) $23.95