Your eyebrow questions raised & answered by Vanita Parti

Eyebrows are clearly on my mind this week (even if they're barely present on my forehead), and with reason. First the Diorshow Brow Styler made my scrawny little guys look like the face-framing wonders I knew they were born to be. Second, Beauty Woo Me has had a few questions about brows recently so we asked eyebrow fixer-upper extraordinaire, Blink Brow Bar's Vanita Parti, to shed some light on the mythical art that is good eyebrow maintenance. You asked, Vanita answered:

Can everyone thread their eyebrows? I have tiny ones but am still interested because I still pluck the strays from time to time. Yes, threading is just a better alternative to plucking as it gets the tiniest of hair out from the roots without breaking them.

Where does threading come from? Threading originally comes from China but is now predominantly practised in India and the Middle East.

I have really sensitive skin. Will threading irritate it? As long as you do not have any allergies and have been able to remove hair without any reaction before it should be fine. If you are removing hair for the first time, it is often a good idea to do a small patch test to see if your skin reacts to having facial hair removed. Make sure that you apply a soothing and natural lotion (tea tree or calamine lotion) afterwards and do not use any make up or perfumed products on the skin for another 24 hours.

Does it hurt? Threading is a little painful the first few times you have it done. This is because your eyebrow hairs are tough and are being pulled out for the first time. Over time they gradually get weaker and hurt less. It is more of a tingling sensation than a painful one, that can make you sneeze and your eyes water. However, if having it for the first time, let your therapist know and they will go slow!

Does it work better than waxing or tweezing? Most definitely. The results are infinitely better and speak for themselves. No messy liquids and no sharp tweezers to mess around with. It is also much easier to guide the thread to the perfect shape and every little hair out.

What can I do to make my eyebrows standout more? Use a colour pencil to fill in any gaps and even them out and then wave a coat of eyebrow gel over them to make them glossy and keep them sleek.

Why is eyebrow grooming so important? I've never really been bothered before. It instantly lifts the face and makes you seem years younger. Having heavy and unkempt eyebrows can make your whole face seem heavier and older. Having beautifully groomed brows opens up the eyes and balances the whole face.

What tools should I have at home for eyebrow maintenance? A white eye pencil to mark the boundaries of your new eyebrows. Slanted Tweezerman tweezers. Eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps and even out the brows, cooling lotion to calm down any redness, grooming gel to slick the brows into shape.

Which celebrity's eyebrows do you like the best? Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Frieda Pinto.

Every time I shade in my eyebrows it looks fake. Help! Use a pencil that is not to chalky and does not smudge. Do gentle strokes in the direction of your hair growth and then blend with an eyebrow wand.

Vanita Parti is founder of UK-based Blink Brow Bar

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